Are You Looking For More Efficiency In Your Workday?

The expansion of ergonomic office furniture and accessories has been unprecedented in recent years. It’s no wonder, because even though we are rapidly shifting towards open-space office configurations, the working space seems to be shrinking with so many modern gadgets and accessories. Space-saving ergonomic office accessories such as keyboard trays and monitor arms are now becoming a necessity.

In this article, we’ll lay out some of the most and least obvious benefits of monitor arms – an indispensable ergonomic office accessory of today.


Space efficiency

Your monitor, whether it’s a flat-panel or (less likely) a CRT monitor, takes up a considerable amount of desk space. Some office workers such as designers and web developers work on more than one monitor. As a result, they have limited desk space. With a monitor arm, you can position the monitor(s) not only at the ideal height but also direct it away from the desk when you’re not using it.

Not to mention that elevating the monitor frees up a lot of desk space by itself!


Reduced eye and neck strain

With your monitor in a fixed position, it’s you who has to adjust, when it should be the other way around. If you’re lucky, your monitor’s fixed position will be just the right height and angle so you wouldn’t have to strain your neck and eyes. When that’s not the case, monitor arms come to the rescue.

If you are unsure about what the best monitor position is, here’s a piece of advice: make sure the monitor is at an arm’s length away from your eyes. The top of the monitor should be slightly tilted away from you because you shouldn’t look down at the screen. In this way, the neck is relaxed and there’s less eye strain. What’s more, properly adjusting the monitor can even help you deal with headaches.

Excellent combination with the sit-stand desk

If you are working on an adjustable or sit-stand desk, you should definitely have a monitor arm. Adjusting desk height doesn’t mean the monitor position will automatically adjust itself. With a monitor arm, you can adjust the height, angle and overall position of the monitor, so you can look at the screen comfortably when sitting and standing.

Quick & easy change of configuration

With dual monitor arms such as Ergotron Dual Monitor Arm, you can fully customize the way you use your two monitors. The customization goes way beyond adjusting the height and angle of each monitor. A dual monitor arm enables you to switch from side-to-side configuration to stacking one on top of the other, thus switching from landscape to portrait mode in a matter of seconds.


Enhanced collaboration with co-workers and clients

Monitor arms allow you to share screens easily with your colleagues and clients. There’s no need for you to clear up some desk space to direct the monitor to your colleague or client. You won’t have to waste a single minute of your time adjusting the monitor; instead, you can illustrate a point or share an idea mid-sentence.

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