What Millennial's Want

According to CBRE , 75% of the workplace will be made up of millennials by 2025. It is often mentioned that Millennials are not loyal employees and prefer bouncing from one job to another. The key is to understand what attracts this generation and what keeps them motivated to stay and according to this CBRE report; more than half would prefer to make the change as infrequently as possible. In fact, the generation with the largest amount of student loan debt (about $1.5 trillion according to NPR) is less concerned with making more money and more concerned with things like company culture and their work environment. Specifically, in the workplace environment, more than half of the Millennials polled would take a pay cut in return for a better workplace experience.  What exactly are they looking for? What can you do to attract talent and actually retain them?

Millennial generation is the first to grow up with technology, so they prefer the flexible environment technology makes possible. Additionally, this generation expects that the workplace design supports their need for different types of daily tasks. All these amenities require more thought be placed on the facility design.  In order to attract and retain top notch talent, companies are making a lot of changes in order to appeal to the Millennial workforce. Below are top 5 workplace perks you should consider if catering to this generation.

Flexible Design

Although millennials like to feel like they are part of the community, in an open collaborative environment, they still have the need for privacy, a place to meet with their coworkers or a space to simply get away. Having flexible design consists of variety of different workspace areas from very open to semi private and private, and from formal to informal areas.  Top notch technology and great internet connection is vital for the entire space to be utilized successfully. This technology savvy generation will expect that they can roam about the office in search for a space that best supports their task at hand.

Noise Control

No matter what the generation occupies your workplace, noise can be detrimental  to productivity. Head phones are one way to tune out noise however then it defeats the point of the connected open environment.  Sound masking or sound dampening movable screens can be incorporated to help with sound transition and visual privacy. Noise control plays hand in hand with the flexible design, if your open environment is not addressing the sound issues then make sure you offer quieter and more private settings where heads down work can be done.

Me Space

Today’s open environments and technology help us to stay connected all the time, no matter where we are. This connectedness and constant fast pace can take a toll, especially when we need to regain our focus. Don’t forget that having a space and time to get away from all the distraction is a productivity booster as well. Millennial or not, there will always be introverts who crave alone time, or employees that deliver their best work when given some time uninterrupted. If your facility does not offer head down space, then introduce flexible working from home or outside of office. There is no better way to make your employee feel that you trust them than allowing them to escape to get their work done!

Touch of Nature

This is one of the those workplace perks that is sometimes missed but reaps great benefits. As humans beings we are not build to be our best selves completely disconnected from nature. In fact, we are so much more productive when we have access to daylight views or natural elements like plants and live moss walls. Biophilic design in an office speaks volumes and shows your employees that you care for their well being and you want to make them feel at home. If this is a perk that you just did not think about, then encourage your employees to leave the building or offer walking meetings. Additionally, evaluate your outdoor spaces for potential seating areas.    


Many employees spend 8 hours a day seated staring at their screen. Ergonomics is important and plays a big role in increased employee productivity and overall employee satisfaction. As the 4 previous perks, paying attention to your employees needs and wellness will pay off in a long run and keep them happier overall. Height adjustable tables, ergonomic task chairs and technology tools such as monitor arms and keyboard trays are some of the most necessary tools you can offer. According to this article, employees that are provided ergonomic tools feel more cared about and therefore are more engaged.

Want to implement some of all of these perks to attract and retain better talent? Give us a call, we’d be happy to help.