10 DIY ways to personalize your workspace

Creating a workspace that reflects your personality can motivate you and bring a little happiness to your desk. All of these DIY desk accessories are under $10, and you can find the materials at the dollar store, thrift store, craft store, and even outside (if you don’t have them already!). The best part about all of these accessories is that they are easy to make and can take as little as five minutes.

1. Add some liveliness and greenery to your workspace with an easy, low-maintenance terrarium. This is something that you can really personalize with the type of plant, terrain, and the shape of the container you put it in. Choose your container, layer different terrain, and then add the plant of your choosing. Succulents and cacti are a great choice because they only require water once a week.

2. Looking to add more photos to your workspace without bulky frames? Make your own personal coasters by coating a blank bathroom tile with a gel medium, placing a picture face down on the tile and then spreading Modge Podge over the back of the picture to make it stick. After it’s dry, take a damp sponge and gently rub off the picture and you will see the reverse image transferred onto the tile.

3. Add color to a blank work surface with this custom desk pad. All you need is a clear desk pad, some spray adhesive, and gift wrapping paper. Spray the adhesive on top of the wrapping paper, press down the desk pad on top of the adhesive side, cut off the excess paper, and voilà! – you have added a splash of color and design to your work surface.

gold bowl.JPG

4. Create flashy desk organization containers by updating old cups, glasses, or even small plates with some paint and tape. Cut and apply painter’s tape to your container creating fun shapes and designs. Spray paint over the tape, and when it’s dry, peel it off to reveal your designs.

5. Make a unique business card holder using a branch, a small saw, and some sandpaper. Cut the branch so that it’s a bit shorter than the width of your business cards, and then cut a “V” shape down the center, halfway into the branch. Smooth out the cuts with the sandpaper, and then lay the sandpaper flat on a surface and run the bottom of the branch back and forth over it to flatten it out so it will stand.

6. There’s no better way to personalize your desk than with a monogram letter. To create your own, you need thick card stock, Elmer’s glue, and spray paint. Draw and cut your letter from the card stock, and then make a design with the Elmer’s glue. Let the glue dry raised on the letter, and then spray paint all over. You can add Modge Podge to the back of your letter to make it even sturdier.

7. Here’s a cute way to make sure your Post-it notes are always handy. Insert scrapbook paper into a picture frame and decorate with ribbon. After it’s decorated, remove the back from your Post-it note stack and stick it to the frame.

8. Update existing supplies, such as a stapler, tape dispenser, and scissors by applying a fresh coat of paint. Tape off the areas to remain unpainted, and then spray paint your items. Again, you could use painter’s tape to make fun designs before painting.

9. Clear up work surface clutter with a clipboard paper stand. All you need is an old clipboard, wrapping paper, and Modge Podge. Trace the back of the clipboard onto the wrapping paper and then cut out the shape. Modge Podge the wrapping paper to the front of clipboard. Trim as needed to adjust for the clip, and be careful not to get Modge Podge on the clip. When the board is dry, set it on a plate stand for easy reading.