Top 5 Ways to Create Privacy in an Open Office

Office interiors are trending toward more open workstations while adding a variety of collaborative areas for employees’ use. Open environments can provide many benefits, including more collaboration between employees, access to daylight views, and workspace areas for employees to use besides their desks. To make your open environment valuable to your employees, consider incorporating some of these visual solutions into your space. Each one of these can help provide personal heads down space, alternate workspaces, or places for impromptu meetings.

1. Mobile marker board & screens
Mobile marker boards and screens are flexible solutions that you can move throughout your space to enhance individual privacy or create a group space. Screens options include marker board, magnetic, and tackable surfaces, and they are helpful because they serve double-duty as a collaboration tool in meetings.

2. Storage
Storage solutions like these provide a more fixed workspace for impromptu and informal meetings that don’t require use of a hard wall conference room. These options are beneficial because they also serve as a place to store technology, reference material, decorative items, etc.

3. High back seating
High back seating offers more intimacy in open areas. This solution can be incorporated into lounges, cafes, or any environment where additional privacy is preferred.

4. Mobile technology
Mobile technology solutions are beneficial because you can create visual privacy while also providing the technology employees need to be productive while working individually or in meetings. Without being fixed to one location, these options encourage flexible meeting areas and empower employees with the option to choose their own workplace.

5. Technology walls
Technology walls provide a more fixed solution. These walls incorporate technology with flat-screen mount options that allow individuals to give presentations and share their device screens with ease. Many of these walls offer dual-sided flat-screens to create two separate meeting areas.

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