10 Ways to Make Your Workspace Totally Extra

The average American spends over 1,800 hours per year at work… and many unfortunately are at a desk which leaves little to the imagination (unless, of course, it was designed by someone like me). What can you do to spark innovation and inspiration in a lackluster environment? Personalize your space can make all the difference! In fact, if you have not personalized your space you may be missing out – according to researchers at the University of Exeter:

“If you empower people and give them control of their own space, they feel more psychologically comfortable and seem to perform better”

From an employer standpoint – research has shown that when employees are able to show their personality in their space, they feel more connected to colleagues and their work leading to higher rates of retention.

What are some ways to make your workplace totally extra? I’ve complied 10 easy and cost-effective ways to jazz up your boring old workstation…

Kayla VandroComment