10 Must-Follow Accounts on Instagram

Visual images have the power to evoke emotions in people that they didn't even know existed. They can inspire a space, create a focal point, or even boost your mood. We love the creativity and inspiration that Instagram allows, but some accounts are certainly better than others. Is your feed leaving you feeling a little uninspired? Head over to Instagram and follow some of our favorite accounts!


ArchitectandDesign shares images from all over the world; including full buildings, natural spaces, and design mock ups. Fair warning: may induce some serious wanderlust!



Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler's account is filled with her beautiful, often feminine spaces that will inspire you as summer approaches. 



Who doesn't love puppies!? PuppiesOfInstagram gives your feed your daily dose of cuteness 


This communal account posts user-submitted images from around the world. Have a great photo? Submit it to be featured to its 1 million followers!



Are you inspired by pretty colors and vibrant floral images? Check out DesignLoveFest. 


A little design mecca in our own backyard. The Michigan Design Center has tons of inspiring spaces and fabrics. Not many people know that anyone can actually order products from them; no need to be a formal designer! 



The account for the major magazine Interiors+Sources which focuses on commercial design. 



DesignBoom does a great job sharing intriguing images that are completely unique and thought-provoking. How beautifully refreshing do those fruit cubes look?

Design Boom.png


We wouldn't be a Best in Class dealer if we didn't love Haworth! Their Instagram is filled with amazing spaces and new products. 


Lastly, we have our own personal favorite... @ISCGinc


What's your favorite account to follow? Let us know in the comments!